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Epoxy Glass Colored G10 Laminated Sheets

Epoxy Glass Colored G10 Laminated Sheets

Rated Voltage: 20KV-100KV Application: Insulators, Electrical Winding Insulation, Electrical Base, Shell Material: Fiberglass Type: Insulation Sheet Model Number: Colored G10 Thermal rating: B 130 Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Grey etc Sheet size: 915*1220mm; 1020*1220mm
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Epoxy Glass Colored G10 Laminated Sheets


Our solid colored G10 is first quality with good structure, absolutely no foreign matter 

or defects of any kind, very closed thickness tolerance, flat and straight panel, smooth 

and clean surfaces.


* very bright color, especially suitable for fins application.

* absolutely no foreign matter or defects of any kind.

* very closed thickness tolerance, flat and straight panel suitable for CNC machining.

* high flexural & impact strength.

* good structure with clear layer.

* customize color available.



Our Colored G10 has high flexural & impact strength, good machining quality, and 

bright color,

Especially be suitable for Surfboard fins, Knife handle, and other sport appliances.


Colored G10 Epoxy Laminate can be made into Single colors or Multi-layered colors 

(G10 Mixed Color).

Usual colors available in: Camouflage, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, 

Olive Green, Gray, Brown, and many others. 



Packing & Delivery:

Stock size 5-7 working days

Custom size 8-20 working days

Your order will be packed according to your specification or by the industry standard to ensure a safe journey down the road.

Means of Transportation:

Sea Freight:          Cheap and Slow. Often used for large quantity of orders.

Air Freight:            Costly, Fast and Safe. May require custom clearance.

Door-to-Door:        Fast, Safe and Convenient. e.g. FedEx, TNT

Road/Rail Freight: May or May not be possible depending on your location.



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G10 is excellent handle material and is used widely on many styles of knives and guns. Our standard G10 multi-color material is the industry standard layered composite. It machines like butter and looks top-notch when finished!



Material = G10 Phenolic Sheet

Layer Colors = (Forest Digital Camo)

Dimensions = 3" x 12"

Knife making handle material Black/Tan/OD Green G10 Great


This pair of 10mm x 40mm x 150mm Scales are perfect for you knife project. G10 is a fantastic resilient material with properties similar to fiberglass. Like fiberglass dust protection must be used.


G-10 G10 Camo 4-color Camoflauge Quality Handle Scales Knives Gun Grips Knife 5in Making Set Pair Grips


This is a beautiful pair of 4-color camo G-10 handle making scales for making a knife or gun grips. G-10 is an extremely durable material constructed from layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, then oven-baked after compression. G-10 is impervious to UV, moisture & liquid. It is flame resistant and physically stable under climate change. G10 is used the world over in a variety of industrial applications as insulation material and is a high-end handle material due to its unrivaled toughness, low maintenance and excellent grip characteristics. It is also used as reinforcement parts in many types of sports equipment due to its flexibility.

When sanded down and shaped, the layers will become visible, giving an exceptionally handsome look. After sanding and shaping of these scales is complete, it is recommended to rub Vaseline on the scales and wipe them off until they're not greasy. The colors will pop and Vaseline wont evaporate like mineral oil.

You get 2 scales with each set.

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