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Colored G10 and Multicolored G10

Colored G10 and Multicolored G10

Insulation Thermal rating: B 130 Color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Olive Green, Gray, Brown, etc. Sheet size: 1020*1220mm; 1020*2040mm
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Colored G10 and Multicolored G10

EPGC202/EPGC203( G10 )/EPGC204/EPGC306/EPGC308 apply 7628 glass fiber cloth and imported epoxy resin, it has higher mechanical properties, electrical properties, high thermal mechanical strength.Products are widely used in mechanical, electronic, electrical equipment, insulation parts and component.


g10 laminate sheets , a versatile, all around insulating material, it’s

created from alkali-free glass cloth that has been impregnated with an epoxy resin under

heat and pressure process, which meets UL-94 requirement



Better insulating properties than Fish Paper (Vulcanized Fiber)

Excellent Strength properties

Anti-Fire properties

Retains 50% flexural strength at 150C

Performs special well in humid environments


Sensitive electronic equipment

Circuit Board manufacturing

Relays and Switches

Communication systems

Mechanical and appliances lines

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Stock size 5-7 working days

Custom size 8-20 working days

Your order will be packed according to your specification or by the industry standard to ensure a safe journey down the road.

Means of Transportation:

Sea Freight:          Cheap and Slow. Often used for large quantity of orders.

Air Freight:            Costly, Fast and Safe. May require custom clearance.

Door-to-Door:        Fast, Safe and Convenient. e.g. FedEx, TNT

Road/Rail Freight: May or May not be possible depending on your location.



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