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If FR4 and GFRP same?

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GFRP, also called GRP or FRP, the Chinese name of glass fiber reinforced plastic, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic), is a kind of organic non-metallic inorganic non-metallic composite with plastic base composite material, include the body and enhancing body two parts.

GFRP component structure.

GFRP matrix resin, is a kind of thermosetting plastics, is also a kind of organic non-metallic materials, containing epoxy (EP), phenolic resin (PF), such as bonding effect, accounting for 65% 70% of the total weight. The enhancement of GFRP is glass fiber, which is a kind of inorganic non-metallic artificial inorganic fiber, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc., accounting for 30% to 35% of the total weight.

GFRP production process.

GFRP light volume, high plasticity, our company adopts advanced technology of the GFRP, of GFRP and the calculation method of the production process adopts scientific quantitative regularly completed each working procedure, to ensure the best proportion of GFRP effect by its best quality and production time. Today, we can provide all kinds of GFRP products to meet your architectural needs and aesthetic vision. GFRP can be used in various shapes, styles and lines, and can be used for interior and exterior decoration projects.