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FR4 rods

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Comprehensive description of materials:

Appearance: the surface should be smooth, no bubbles, oil and impurities, allowing uneven have not impede the use of color, bruises, slightly unequal, diameter of more than 25 mm laminated glass cloth bar allows end face or cross section have not impede the use of the crack. This product is made of epoxy resin and glass cloth, with a model of 3240, with high mechanical properties at medium temperature and stable electrical performance under high temperature. It is suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic components with high insulation structure, high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Heat resistance grade B (155 degrees).

The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the active epoxy group in the molecular chain, and the epoxy group can be located at the end, middle or ring structure of the molecular chain. Due to the active epoxy groups in the molecular structure, they can form insoluble and non-fused polymers with three - to - network structures.