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Advantages of carbon fiber transmission shaft

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Automotive transmission shaft as an important movement of auto parts, transmission shaft in different even in the relative position between the two axis of the axis of the changing between the two axis transmission power, working environment is relatively poor, we all know the traditional automobile transmission shaft is metal parts, and with the wide use of carbon fiber composite material, use it to make the car drive shaft is gradually known by people, this article will for carbon fiber car drive shaft with a metal car drive shaft.

Metal shaft in use process need to give them into lubricating oil regularly, in order to maintain the shaft, do this burden is a waste of time, carbon fiber transmission service life is long, can reduce unnecessary maintenance, carbon fiber shaft resistance than metal shaft friction, basically not influenced by a lot of damage, and carbon fiber composite material has the characteristics of energy absorption seismic, can reduce the noise of the transmission shaft and the loss of engine power, while the metal shaft is not able to reach the effect very well.

Studies have shown that under the condition of the shaft diameter is consistent, the automobile transmission shaft critical speed of 8000 r/min when metal shaft length is 1520 mm, the length of the carbon fiber transmission shaft can be 1650 mm, carbon fiber composite materials is expected to realize the integration of the shaft. Now more and more people pursuit of lightweight, carbon fiber composite material is a good choice, the density of carbon fiber composite materials is very small carbon fiber shaft than the metal shaft weight loss of at least 40%, and carbon fiber composite material has high specific strength and modulus than that of lightweight at the same time also can achieve the goal of energy saving fuel.

In this light, the carbon fiber production of the car drive shaft should be better, the future or will replace the metal transmission shaft.