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Breakthroughs were made in the anticorrosion technology of carbon fiber rod

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Recently, the shengli oilfield petroleum engineering technology research institute of mining machine researchers in GuDong production plant GO8-23-2013 complete carbon rod pump under inoue increase whole well anticorrosion technology field test, marked the carbon fibre research breakthroughs in shengli oilfield.

The carbon fiber continuous sucker rod is qualitative light, high strength, corrosion resistance, especially suitable for oil well lifting, with load reduction and energy saving, deep extraction liquid, the advantages of the extension of pump overhaul period, but as a result of pump rod string use before is the combination of carbon rod and steel rod rod string, so the corrosion of steel rod part is still difficult to solve. The researchers study the carbon rod pump under aggravating all well anticorrosion technology with the method of pump under aggravating, the steel bar down to the bottom of the pump, so that the pump rod string are all on the carbon fiber sucker rod, thoroughly implement the whole well anticorrosion pump on the pole. At the same time, due to the downward feedback force of the pump, it can effectively avoid the pressure of carbon fiber sucker rod and so on.