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What are the characteristics of CFRP?

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Carbon fiber board reinforcement system is composed of fiberboard, carbon fiber anchor and carbon board with impregnating glue. It is a new type of active reinforcement technology, which can not uninstall and reinforce the components that need to be strengthened.

Characteristics of carbon fiber board reinforcement technology:

1, carbon fiber plate reinforcement system, can be simple and convenient for the carbon fiber plate prestress, greatly improving the utilization rate of the strength of the carbon fiber plate, as well as increase the strength and stiffness of structure can reduce the deflection deformation structure, and can reduce and closed fracture.

2, fiber materials elastic modulus and the strength of the steel reinforcement, but five times, so the carbon fiber materials exert its strength when the deformation is larger, reinforcement yield or damage of concrete, the strength of the carbon fiber has not fully played out, carbon fiber reinforcement technology can greatly improve the utilization rate of the strength of the carbon fiber material.

3. The reinforcement system of carbon fiber board is active reinforcement technology, which is light weight, small structure damage, simple construction and good reinforcement effect.