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Carbon fiber products

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There's no such thing as a carbon crystal, and there's no technical term for it. Carbon crystal is only one of the manufacturers' own calls for product publicity. There is no such thing as carbon - crystal floor heating in the national electric heating technology data and industry standard specification. The heating materials are different. The heating body of carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber. It is a new type of electrical, thermal and mechanical material that is stronger than steel, less dense than aluminum, more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel, more resistant to heat than heat-resistant steel, and capable of conducting electricity like copper. Products are widely used in aerospace, sports equipment, medical equipment.

Carbon crystal, in a nutshell, is a kind of plate made of carbon particles that are electrically conductive and are pressed together with adhesive. The production of this product does not require any high-end technology and patents, and for this reason, more than a dozen manufacturers will emerge from the country overnight. No electromagnetic interference and pollution, no dust, no noise. Heating up quickly: the product is heated for 1-2 minutes immediately after heating; Economy: the product positioning for the general public low price material benefit, not only save money to buy, also save money when using, power increased by 30% (relative metal fever), and can automatically control the temperature. Moreover, the product has the function of physiotherapy and health care. The product also has the far-infrared radiation of 3-20um wavelength at the same time of heating, and its radiation conversion rate is more than 68%, which is higher than the national standard of similar products. Far infrared ray by modern medicine known as "the light of life", the study shows that the human body for more than 6 m far infrared ray is a good absorber, after receives the far infrared ray, the body's tissues and cells resonance absorption, can enhance activity, promote metabolism to reduce excess body fat. The infrared wavelength of the electric hot line is 3-20um, and it is not dry and pollution-free to the human body, and it is a new green energy-saving product. Safe and reliable, long life.

Usually products parts and components are after strict selection, aging and testing, dielectric strength more than the national standard 2000 v, the carbon fiber heating body compounded by high pressure, completely overcome the electrothermal film, conductive coatings, carbon powder, such as heating body, easy to fracture, easy to fall off, peroxide, over current, low heat resistance and dielectric strength weakness. The product has light weight, no pollution, strong structure and no less than 100,000 hours of service life. There are three levels of temperature control. 1 hot line with overtemperature protection switch. The thermostat has radiator protection. The thermostatic state of heating temperature can be set at room temperature regulating switch. The strength of the shock resistance is over 3000 volts. No magnetic wave radiation. Technical parameters The highest use temperature: 300 the long-term use of working voltage: 3-600 - v, 12-380 - v ac long-term working temperature: 80-200 pressure: 3700-5000 - v (50 hz) 1 min, flicker-free breakdown > 500 megohm use environmental temperature insulation resistance: - 55 - + 45