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Glass fiber rod

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Fiberglass rod 2015/5/26 16:07:16 fiberglass rod is a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials pultrusion, are made from continuous glass fiber roving and resin in the pultrusion molding machine drawing of thermosetting molding elastic material; On the surface of the rich resin layer, make it has good corrosion resistance, and it has the advantage of light quality, high strength, good elasticity, stable size precision, at the same time with insulation, thermal conductivity, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other excellent characteristics, so in corrosive environment engineering is the best product to replace steel and other materials, and widely applied to: Cable, sports equipment products, strengthen the core pole, pole, tent pole hood, food machine derrick, curtain rod, bar, column fan, car antenna, building, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission shaft, golf clubs, the courtyard around the block, skeleton kite balloons, aluminum membrane skeleton skeleton skeleton, umbrellas, support blanket, model aircraft skeleton skeleton, bags, fishing gear accessories, etc., the specifications are as follows: 0.6 mm in diameter - 50 mm (commonly used specifications), special specifications can be according to the guest need to open mold production.