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Glass fiber profiles

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With the 3G communication, the requirements of the antenna are increasing, and the selection of the outer protective cover greatly affects the performance of the whole antenna. FRP radome is qualitative light, through wave performance (through wave rate above 98%), the shape is various, can be suitable for a variety of harsh environment features, has been widely used in aerospace, communications, weather, etc.

Molding process:

With glass fiber roving, stitch-bonded felt, such as reinforced material, and unsaturated polyester resin matrix materials via pultrusion equipment such as high temperature composite of thermosetting plastics, the surface can be ordered according to the paint coating.

Material properties

High quality and stable dimension.

Anti-corrosion, good aging resistance, long life.

Good electrical insulation, strong penetration.

Beautiful appearance, high grade, good texture.

Uv protection and impact resistance.

In high temperature, low cold and other harsh environments use more prominent performance.