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Carbon fiber materials help the car to develop light.

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With the advantages of carbon fiber by more and more people pay attention to and understand, aviation, arms, robotics, light rail traffic, and other fields of application development rushing, makes the building of abnormal busy domestic carbon fiber production line. Especially in the field of automobile manufacturing, "carbon fiber heat" has become a prairie fire. However, carbon fiber, as an important material in the emerging strategic industry, has many deep implications in the field of automobile manufacturing.

The trend of lightweight cars has created a "hot" carbon fiber material

A few years ago, BMW sold a lot of sophisticated EV(pure electric cars) in Japan, with the slogan "carbon fiber electric". The car USES carbon fiber instead of the most commonly used steel in the body. Carbon fiber achieves enough strength and durability with only a quarter of the weight of steel. Light weight is the most important issue for EV and other environment-friendly vehicles with a short drive distance.

Carbon fiber composite materials with two main advantages offensive automobile manufacturing field, one is the modular production, carbon fiber composite material has good plasticity, can be processed into a variety of parts and components, also can be made into an organic whole, the overall structure. The one-time processing of multiple parts not only shortens the processing time, reduces the cost, but also guarantees higher precision. Second is the production process - resin transfer moulding (RTM) technology application development, can greatly improve the parts molding speed, will be a few days time of the traditional molding for a few minutes, with the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, green environmental protection. Many companies have experimented with or used the technology. Some advanced carbon fiber processing enterprises can also use the updated molding technology to make carbon fiber products meet the requirements of a-level surface and expand the use range of carbon fiber composite materials.

But at present domestic carbon fiber processing enterprise the good and bad are intermingled, mostly is still in the exploratory stage, it is difficult to achieve in the production of standards and technology research and development level customers ideal level, this is largely limits the carbon fiber products are widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing. Started earlier in the industry of the company's technical director said: "from the point of view of the future development trend, automobile manufacturing industry has a great demand on the carbon fiber parts, but in the manufacture of carbon fiber product must be combined with the actual needs of these industries, to improve its production capacity, the carbon fiber technology into the field to truly, this will require both sides making deeper exchanges and cooperation in product research and development". Recently, the company is a domestic car makers research and development of carbon fiber can suction box has entered the stage of sample at low speed, in addition to the enterprise research and development of flame retardant toughening carbon fiber material, fill the domestic blank, the project technology applied in railway vehicle body and the carriage facilities is very broad, effective play a system of carbon fiber products of outstanding advantage in structure weight loss.

Recently, the European car lightweight technology alliance member, Italian APS company partners, a new carbon material technology CEO Dr In 2016 the second session of carbon fibers and composite technology and application of seminar published titled "carbon era, composite support auto industry revolution" speech, once again demonstrates the carbon fiber and its composite materials for automobile industry history significance. But in the "carbon fiber heat" behind, we must clearly recognize that if there is no systematic development, there is not enough rich production experience, no positive response to market demand research and development team is very difficult in a short period of time will be the "heat conduction in the field of automobile manufacturing, bring the auto industry have an impact on innovation, it also need carbon fiber production for the customer and need further consideration.