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The characteristics and application of alkali - free glass fiber needling felt

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Glass fiber needling felt is a new kind of high temperature filtration material with reasonable structure and good performance. It is made of glass fiber as raw material. It has three dimensional pore structure, void, high rate, small resistance and dust removal efficiency, which can reach 99.9%. The filtration rate is about twice as high as the fabric filter. The filter is suitable for high temperature flue gas filtration in carbon black chemical, steel, metallurgy, coal-fired boilers, refractory materials and cement industries. It is suitable for use in pulsed clear ash and high speed anti - blow bag filter. High temperature, corrosion medium long-term test, good performance, effective control of dust pollution, recovery of the value of fine particles of products.

1. Excellent characteristics.

1. Good heat break: according to the physics principle, the gas has a small thermal conductivity and excellent heat - breaking material. And the fiberglass needling cotton has numerous tiny gases, and the fibers are arranged in an irregular arrangement, which is an excellent thermal insulation material with a thermal conductivity of 0.2 ~ 0.040kcal/ MHR. C;

2. The main components that do not burn glass fiber are silicified objects (more than 50%). They are non-flammable, non-deformed, non-brittle, and have a high temperature resistance of 7000C.

3. Sound absorption rate: when the sonic wave intrudes into the fiberglass cotton, the energy will be inhaled in large quantities due to the friction with the fiber and the size of the cavitation. Generally speaking, the sound absorption rate is up to 90%, which is a good talent to prevent noise interference.

4. High insulation: high temperature resistance of glass fiber, good mechanical properties, high chemical stability, is the best insulating material;

5. High corrosion resistance: the glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid and strong base, and its functional characteristics will not be reduced for a long time.

6. Good recovery: the glass fiber contains numerous fixed air holes, and the recovery is excellent. Not afraid of any shock shock, tensile strength of more than 1.0kg.

7. Low moisture absorption rate: the moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8. Light weight: compared with other insulating materials, the quality of glass fiber needling felt is the lightest and softest. If installed on the machine, it can reduce the load of its weight and vibration.

9. Simple construction: the size can be cut according to the customer.

Ii. Main purposes:

1. Used for heating equipment of various heat sources (coal, electricity, oil and gas), heat preservation of central air-conditioning duct;

2. Used for various thermal insulation and fireproof materials;

3. Sealing, sound absorbing, filtering and insulating materials for special places;

4. Heat preservation for various heat transfer and heat storage devices;

5. Sound insulation, insulation and heat resistance for vehicles, ships and airplanes;

6. The sound insulation of the inner core of automobile and motorcycle muffler and the noise of engine;

7. Thermal insulation and insulation between colored steel plates and wooden structure houses;

8. Thermal and chemical pipeline insulation, thermal insulation effect is better than general insulation materials;

9. Insulation and heat insulation of the wall panels of household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens and dishwashers;

10. Other occasions for thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, sound absorption and insulation.