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The 16 main applications of carbon fiber and recent advances in technology

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In view of the important role of CFRP high-speed rotor in uranium enrichment production, western countries have been using CFRP high speed rotor for non-nuclear gas centrifuges. November 9, 1992, the journal of nuclear fuel in the United States, Europe (Urenco enrichment company shareholder, augsburg - nuremberg machine manufacturing company (MaschinenfabrikAugsburg - Nurnberg AG) the former employees of Kar1 HeinzSchaap, together with his wife runs a company called Ro - Shc ". The couple sold at least 20 CFRP centrifuges to Iraq through the Ro-Shc company. On 2 November 1992, federal prosecutors in Augsburg issued an arrest warrant for Kar1 HeinzSchaap. This further confirms the importance of CFRP in uranium enrichment gas centrifuge technology.

12. CFRP as the reinforcing material of special pipe tube.

Unlike pressure vessels, special pipe tubes such as gun barrel, gun barrel and hydraulic cylinder need to withstand and release high pressure in high frequency for a long time. The pressure tube of this kind of special purpose, which is reinforced by carbon fiber winding or preloading, is very effective in reducing its quality, improving heat dissipation, improving precision and extending life.

PROOF Research, a technology company based in Montana, has developed a CFRP enhanced barrel. It combines advanced composite material technology with thermal and mechanical design principles, and adopts aviation special carbon fiber and aerospace high temperature resin to develop a new generation of sports and military gun houses. Compared with the steel barrel, CFRP can reduce the quality of the gun barrel by 64%, and the shooting accuracy can reach the competition level. In addition, the company developed the CFRP strengthening barrel on the design and manufacturing process adapted to the longitudinal direction (along the barrel length) of carbon fiber thermal diffusivity, can more effectively through the heat gun tube wall and greatly improve the efficiency of thermal diffusion, and barrel can be fast cooling, and can be longer under sustained firing condition keep shooting accuracy, is the only verified by the us army CFRP strengthening barrel (figure 28).

FIG. 28 CFRP enhanced gun barrel (produced by PROOF Research)

The successful application of CFRP technology in gun barrel was soon popularized to the enhancement of various gun tubes. At the same time, the CFRP enhanced special hydraulic cylinder is also available.

13. CFRP is the key material for public infrastructure construction.

Bridges are important transportation infrastructure. Many large span Bridges are needed to build large transport corridors across rivers and across the channel. Suspension bridge is the ultimate solution of overspan bridge.

However, the increase of span can reduce the strength utilization, economy and wind stability of the steel main cable of suspension bridge. At present, in the long-span suspension bridge, the proportion of the main cable of high strength steel wire is more than 30%, and the proportion of live load in main cable is reduced. For example, the span of Japan's Ming shi channel bridge, which spans 1991 m, accounts for only about 8 percent of the stress of the steel main cable.

In addition, the increase of span also reduces the aerodynamic stability of the bridge. Some studies have shown that the span of 2000m is the span limit of stiffening beam section and cable system suspension bridge from the perspective of aerodynamic stability. It is necessary to improve the overall stiffness of the structure, control the vibration characteristics of the structure and improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the section. The structure stiffness of long-span suspension bridge depends on the mechanical properties of the main cable. The mechanical properties of CFRP make it an optimal material for the main cable of long-span suspension bridge. Use of special nonlinear finite element software BNLAS of suspension Bridges, the mainspan 3500 m of CFRP statics and dynamics properties of main cable suspension bridge model, the optimal structure of the system, it is concluded that: CFRP main cable itself quality stress percentage reductions and the stress of live load percentage increased to 13% (steel main cable is 7%), vertical bending, lateral bending and torsion of the structure of fundamental frequency increase; The increase of the safety coefficient of CFRP main cable will improve the vertical and torsional rigidity of the structure. Increasing the elastic modulus of CFRP main cable can greatly reduce the vertical deflection of live load, and improve the vertical bending and torsion base frequency.

In conclusion, CFRP main cable can significantly improve the overall performance of large span suspension Bridges (figure 29).

FIG. 29 steel main cable of long span suspension bridge in hunan.

In addition, the construction and civil engineering field is the first to use carbon fiber for structural enhancement. The durability of cement structures and the seismic performance of concrete structures can be improved by covering carbon fiber fabric on Bridges and other buildings (FIG. 30).

FIG. 30 application of CFRP in construction and civil engineering.

In the future, CFRP is likely to become a veritable building material. Countries around the world are accelerating the development of technology so that CFRP can be used directly as building materials. For example, the use of CFRP electrical conductivity to make building materials for the use of magnetic protection; Embedded sensors in CFRP make intelligent building materials, and use the data transmitted by the sensor to master the possible damage to the structure of the building.

Application of CFRP in medical devices and industrial equipment.

In the field of medical device, it is used to make X-ray examination instrument to use mobile platform. With excellent mechanical properties of CFRP, it is used for the manufacture of medical devices such as orthopedic and organ transplantation, and rehabilitation products such as artificial limbs and orthotics (FIG. 31).

Figure 31 application examples of CFRP in medical devices.

By chopped carbon fiber and the mass fraction of 10% ~ 60% nylon or polycarbonate CFRP molded parts, quality is light, thin thickness, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic, in electronic products such as notebook computers, LCD projector, camera, optical lens and widely used in large liquid crystal display panel, etc. In addition, CFRP has excellent tear resistance and can be used in the manufacture of bearings, rollers, pipes and other products. The strength is the same as that of steel products, but the quality can be greatly reduced (figure 32).

Figure 32 application examples of CFRP in industrial equipment components.

15. Application of CFRP in sports and leisure products.

Sports leisure articles are the first application fields of CFRP to market. With the improvement of cost performance, this area has formed a stable demand for CFRP. Snowboard, ski walking stick, hockey stick, tennis racket and bicycle are typical applications of CFRP in sports and leisure products (figure 33).

Figure 33 application examples of CFRP in sports leisure articles.

16. Carbon fiber is the fashion element material.

The black and bright color of carbon fiber itself, and the texture, direction and texture of its woven fabric and winding materials provide a rich imagination space and modeling elements for fashion designers. At present, the use of carbon fiber made of garment accessories with shoes, caps, belts, jewelry, wallets (clip), frames, etc., travel supplies such as luggage, with tables and chairs that occupy the home, bath crock, etc. (figure 34). All of these products show the characteristics of high - cold, tough, proud and elegant carbon fiber. They are both daily necessities and works of art, which add the ultimate luxury of technology and artistic enjoyment to people's life.

FIG. 34 shows the application of carbon fiber as a fashion element material.

17. Conclusion

To sum up, carbon fiber is widely used in many fields. Application market unceasingly subdivision will also promote the development of differentiation of carbon fiber technology, will have more and better carbon fiber products were produced, in order to promote social development, the green life meet people's diversified needs.