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Where can I process the star wheel?

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To our website friends must know swimming star wheel is used for polishing, is commonly used in glass, lens, silicon, hard disk, auto parts, electronic products such as polishing process, the points according to the material of swimming star wheel, a blue steel epoxy plate swimming star wheel and the wheel. The manufacturer of the processing tour star wheel, for example, we can produce and process epoxy board swimming star wheel, also can produce processing blue steel swimming star wheel, can according to the customer different demand, selects material according to the graph processing.

Star wheel processing

(photo :FR4 fiberboard swimming star wheel)

Where can be processed, the material of the swimming star wheel that produces is mainly FR4 epoxy board, the color has white, yellow, black, water green. We can also customize the processing of blue steel swimming star wheel. FR4 epoxy plate swimming star wheel has its advantages, FR4 swimming star wheel wear-resisting, easy to processing molding, machining process is simple, does not hurt polishing workpiece, but for the processing of metals or select blue steel swimming star wheel, because the blue steel swimming star wheel longer service life than epoxy plate swimming star wheel, wear-resisting performance is better, better polishing precision, so the blue steel swimming star wheel price is higher than FR4 epoxy plate swimming star wheel.

, as has nine years of processing we have swimming star wheel, actively improve technology, improve technology, adopt the way of computer gongs for processing, swimming star wheel machining precision can be accurate to within 0.02 mm, but also to ensure a smooth plane and bright and clean, there will not be any burrs or processing