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Carbon fiber has played a role in the development of electric power

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Carbon fiber is a kind of new multi-purpose material, which is both strong and strong, and has soft and processable properties. In terms of power, the invention of carbon fiber composite core conductor has broken the western technology bastion and changed the current situation of transmission field in China, which is a revolutionary progress.

Carbon fiber composite core wire has great advantages, including high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength, low density and high conductivity. It is more than two times stronger than the high-strength steel wire, and it is very good at pulling power, which can ensure the normal transmission of electricity and improve the safety quality. Under high temperature, due to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, the original straight wire can produce arc bending, carbon fiber composite conductor while too, but compared to the steel core aluminum stranded wire, bend degree is less than one over ten of it. In this way, the distance between the poles can be increased appropriately, the height can be reduced appropriately and the material is saved. In some places the weather is bad, the circuit structure is very easy to damage, the power supply is difficult. Carbon fiber composite core wire, whether in the hot sun or in the snow, can be used for a long time, very durable. In addition, carbon fiber composite core wire is not magnetic structure like wire wire, which does not cause hysteresis and eddy effect.

At present, the carbon fiber composite core wire has been included in the key promotion projects of the state grid, and many large enterprises have heard of the cooperation with them. The discovery of carbon fiber composite core leads to the development of electric power industry in China, thus promoting economic development. Technology has changed lives, and is believed to be able to dig out more USES for carbon fiber in the future. Recommended reading: what are the advantages of carbon fiber wires?