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The price of epoxy resin board is how much insulation material manufacturer you know

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We know that epoxy resin board is insulation board, epoxy board, from the molecular structure, it has more than two epoxy groups, so it is an organic polymer material. If different curing methods or solvents are used, the price of epoxy resin plates will be affected. Throughout the epoxy plate performance, stronger adsorption force, internal stress is lesser, contractility is better, after curing has good mechanical properties, especially dielectric properties, surface will not be leakage, etc., which endanger the safety of the lives and electric arc.

We can see that the heat resistance level of epoxy resin board is A, E, B, F and H, and the corresponding maximum temperature is 105, 120, 130, 155 and 180 degrees. Therefore, the price of epoxy resin board with different heat resistance levels must be different. How to judge the insulation performance of insulation board? Take our commonly used 3240 epoxy plate, for instance, of this kind of heat resistant epoxy resin board for F grade, also is the highest resistant to high temperature of 155 degrees, but this is containing halogen, can not meet the environmental standards, or more supply on the market, and thus has a price advantage. Another relatively high-end model is the fr-4 epoxy board. The price of this kind of epoxy resin board is a little higher than that of the former, because the raw material of this plate is imported, the workmanship is exquisite, and the quality of the board can meet the European Union standard.