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How useful are drones?

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What is the use of drones, you know? The following is the public security fire power environmental protection drone to give you a detailed introduction...

1. Application field: power inspection.

Working principle: equipped with high definition digital video cameras and cameras and GPS positioning system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), may carry on the localization of autonomous cruise along the grid, real-time transmission shooting images, monitoring personnel can be synchronized on a computer to watch and control.

2. Application field: agricultural insurance.

Working principle: using integrated high-definition digital camera, spectrum analyzer, thermal infrared sensor devices such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight on farmland, accurate measurement of their insurance land acreage, collected data can be used to evaluate agricultural risk situation, the insurance rates, and for the affected farmland fee, in addition, the uav patrol has realized the monitoring to the crops.

3. Application: environmental protection.

How it works: the application of drones in the field of environmental protection can be broadly classified into three types. 1. Environmental monitoring: to observe air, soil, vegetation and water quality, and to track and monitor the development of sudden environmental pollution incidents in real time; Ii. Environmental law enforcement: the environmental monitoring department USES unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with the collection and analysis equipment to patrol specific areas to monitor the exhaust gas and waste water emissions from the enterprise factories to find the source of pollution. Three, environmental governance: use carries the catalyst of meteorological observation and the soft wing uavs in air spray, and the working principle of uav spread pesticides, eliminate the haze in some area.

4. Application field: film and TV series shooting.

How it works: the drone is equipped with a high-definition camera and, in the case of wireless remote control, shooting from the air under remote control, depending on the needs of the program.

5. Application domain: confirmation of rights.

How it works: the territorial dispute between the two countries, small to the right of rural land, the uav can be used for aerial photography.

6. Application: street view.

How it works: use a drone with a camera to launch a large aerial view of the aircraft.

7. Application: express delivery.

How it works: drones can be used to deliver goods in the size of a shoebox, and only if the recipient's GPS address is entered into the system, the drone can take off.

8. Application: post-disaster relief.

How it works: using drones equipped with high-definition cameras to make aerial shots of the affected areas, providing the latest images of the first hand.

Above is the carbon fiber uav model processing factory - guangzhou minghua small editor for you to organize the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.