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Strengthen plastic sector to say carbon fiber board and processing method

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The composite data of carbon fiber plate and thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics can be used in engineering. With carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics used in the high rigidity and strength requirements and ask for a small proportion of the structure, the use of carbon fiber and thermoplastic composite materials were of low friction coefficient and wear resistance, used in rolling and sliding, seal.

The most used thermosetting resin is epoxy resin, followed by polyester. Carbon fiber is compared with glass fiber, and its advantages are its greater rigidity and corrosion resistance. In order to use the high temperature function of carbon fiber, high temperature resistant synthetic resin can be used as matrix, such as polyimide, polyaromatic ring compound, etc. In order to improve the high temperature resistance of carbon fiber composite materials more effectively, metal, ceramics and carbon can be used as the matrix of composite data.

Processing technology of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic are similar, but in the concrete operation, such as volume, surround, must be noticed when mixing carbon fiber is brittle, it is sensitive to the shear stress. With the addition of elastic modulus, this sensitivity is also added. The cracking function can be compared with the silicate data, so the operation of carbon fiber should be as careful as the high-strength glass fiber. To reach the high enhanced effect, the length of the carbon fiber should not be less than 0.8 mm (critical length), if the processing of long fiber, the cylinder and the guide roll is should choose soft and flexible materials, and the diameter of the guide roll as far as possible.

Carbon fiber can now yarn, tape, or fabric with a bound for the number of presoak glue, short-fiber and long fibre can be presoak glue processing, about intention must count fiber, spiral yarn than long fiber bundle of superior, it can not difficult to make any thickness of presoak rubber products, from one-way presoak rubber products the other processing methods (ERDE) is the first short fiber in the glycerol to soften, then one way to put in opening mould hot pressing, which compared with long fiber, the strength of the fit data to about 20 ~ 40%, but the change of elastic modulus is small. Used to produce carbon fiber in the process of the rubber products, processing and sometimes does not handle, sometimes with viscose promoter in processing, in order to progress the interlaminar shear strength, choose crack percentage elongation of matrix resin, can cut down the risk of matrix brittle rupture, this function can be got outstanding composite materials.

Together, in order to reduce the change of function, it is recommended to select a synthetic resin with a cracking elongation at about 5%, and a zigzag/tensile strength close to 1. Matrix resin, therefore, good strength and rigidity of outstanding winding resistance and strength of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, basic conditions, is not a matter of fact, now know, even if the function of the resin is different, so the function of a composite material made by difference is still very small. It should also be pointed out that, as with glass fiber processing, the solvent should not be added in the matrix resin to reduce the risk of the formation of pores and affect the function of the composite data.