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Phenolic resin kraft paper laminated pipe

Phenolic resin kraft paper laminated pipe

Phenolic cotton fabric laminated tube Made of cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resin in heat-rolling and tightening, baking and curing, with good electrical properties and mechanical properties, suitable for being used as insulation structural parts of mechanical and electrical equipment.
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Phenolic resin kraft paper laminated pipe

1. Description phenolic paper laminated tube: 

  Phenolic laminated insulation paper tube is Created from cotton cloth that has been impregnated with phenolic resin under pressure and heat.   Have low water absorption rate  Features , High mechanical strength , Good electric performance wether under the moist or dry environment  and High temperature resistant,high dielectric performance and mechanical processing performance .

2. Specification phenolic paper laminated tube:

1). Dia.: 8-200mm;  Length: 1000mm;1030mm;980mm,1200mm,1950mm

2). We can supply different quality according to customers requirements.


3. Characteristics of phenolic paper laminated tube:
Phenolic paper laminated tube is formed by hot rolling, baking electrical insulating rolling paper or insulating craft impregnated with phenolic  resin under heat and pressure. This product with high mechanical heat-resistant and dielectric properties, used as insulating structural parts in electrical equipments, also used under humidity environment and in transformer oil.

4.Technical sheet for phenolic paper laminated tube:

phenolic tube


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1,Product composition and characteristics

This product is made of insulating paper or insulating impregnated paper impregnated with phenolic resin, heated by rolling, baking and curing from the phenolic laminated paper tube. This product has a high mechanical, heat and dielectric properties.



Suitable for electrical equipment for insulation structure parts, and can be used in humid environments and transformer oil.


3,Special Note

The company strictly in accordance with the relevant product standards to control product quality. Due to the diversity of application conditions and variability and many other factors, it does not rule out the need for user self-test research, the law does not guarantee that some of the performance of a specific purpose of full use, and retain the data to modify the power.

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ing used as insulation structural parts of mechanical and electrical equipment.

We can make the different types of tube as 3526, PFFCC21, PFCC22, PFCC23, PFCC24