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Carbon fiber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Carbon fiber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Advantages and characteristics of carbon fiber: Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, no creep, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and conductivity between non metal and metal, low thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density and good X ray transmission. It can be used as a load bearing material for structural materials, but also as a functional material. Therefore, it has developed very rapidly in recent years, and has been widely used in many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, environmental engineering, chemical, energy, transportation, architecture, electronics, sports equipment and so on.
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Carbon fiber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Carbon fiber board is the carbon fiber which is arranged in the same direction by resin infiltration and hardened to form carbon fiber sheet. It can effectively solve the problems of construction difficulties and large amount of engineering of multilayer carbon fiber cloth, which has good reinforcing effect and convenient construction. With high quality carbon fiber and good basic resin, carbon fiber sheet has good tensile strength, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and impact resistance.

Application areas:

Concrete beams are flexural and shear resistant, concrete floors, bridge plates are strengthened, concrete, brick masonry walls, scissors walls are strengthened, piers, piles and other columns are strengthened, and chimneys, tunnels, pools and concrete pipes are strengthened and reinforced.

Detection project:

Surface density (kg/m2):2000;

Resin content (%):42;

Fiber content (g/m2):1050;

The volume content of fiber (%) was more than 65.

The thickness (mm):1.3 + 0.05;

The density (mm):100 + 2;

Tensile strength (N/mm2):2950;

Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2):185000.

Technical features:

1. High strength and high efficiency

The tensile strength is more than several times that of ordinary steel, and its elastic modulus is superior to that of steel. It has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and earthquake resistance.

2. Light weight and good flexibility

Carbon fiber with high strength and quality is only 1/5 of steel. It has high toughness. It can be rolled and can be supplied in larger length without lap.

3. The construction is convenient and the quality of the construction is easy to be guaranteed

The material is not pre - processed, the process is convenient, and the plates are allowed to cross.

4, good durability and corrosion resistance

Acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion should not be maintained at regular intervals.

*Grade: 1.5K/2K/3K Carbon Fiber

*Sheet size: 500*500mm/500*600mm/600*1000mm

Packing & Delivery:

Stock size 5-7 working days

Custom size 8-20 working days

Your order will be packed according to your specification or by the industry standard to ensure a safe journey down the road.

Means of Transportation:

Sea Freight:          Cheap and Slow. Often used for large quantity of orders.

Air Freight:            Costly, Fast and Safe. May require custom clearance.

Door-to-Door:        Fast, Safe and Convenient. e.g. FedEx, TNT

Road/Rail Freight: May or May not be possible depending on your location.



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Performance Application

•goold looking •Lasting Performance •Automotive •Sporting Goods

•Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel •Excellent Structural Properties •Light Aircraft Tubing •Advertising Panels

•High Strength •Environmentally Safe •Construction •Robotic Arms & Supports

•High Corrosion Resistance •Dimensional Stability •Advertising Panels •Power Generation

•Superior Dimensional Stability •Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic •Corrosion Resistant Equipment Marine • Mechanical Equipment

•Wide Temperature Range Use •Ease Of Fabrication & Installation •Photography & Sound Booms •Wastewater Treatment