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CE certificate vulcanized fiber sheet

CE certificate vulcanized fiber sheet

Quick Details China (Mainland) Type: Insulation Sheet Material: 100% wood pulp Rated Voltage: 6KV Color: red, black, gray, white, and others Width:1200*1600mm or customized Thickness:0.25mm to 12mm Density: 1.0-1.45g/cm3
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CE certificate vulcanized fiber sheet 

Red vulcanized fiber  Insulation fibre vulcanized paper rolls Sheet

1. Description:   Technical grade vulcanized paper is made of fibre and its derivatives with Metal - zinc chloride solution, with excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties, resistance of solvents.  




 1).  High mechanical and tensile strength

 2). Easily bendable and perforated without any cracking

 3).  Exceptionally light weight, about half the weight of aluminum

 4).  Excellent electrical properties, ideal arc resistance, tear resistance

 5).  Possesses the beneficial properties of metals, plastics, rubber and leather

 6).  Environment friendly, poses no threat to nature, easily disposable


3.Color: red, black, gray, white, and others

 Available in rolls and coils for easy automatic punching 


4.Usage: It can be used for sanding discs, washers, insulating sheet, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, gaskets, automobile parts etc


 5 .Technical Data of vulcanized Paper /Red Steel Paper

red vulcanized fiber sheet 2


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