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Black vulcanized fiber sheet

Black vulcanized fiber sheet

Black steel paper is a hard working paper with high hardness. The finished products are flat, reel, tube and so on. The paper is hard. It has excellent elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, mechanical strength, insulation and mechanical processing properties. The processed products are durable, light quality (lighter than aluminum) and beautiful. The base paper has higher strength, lower ash content and better water absorption. The red steel paper is an electronic insulation material, also called insulation paper, with imported wood paddles, which has high mechanical strength and electrical strength. The surface is smooth, smooth and full of toughness. It can punch all kinds of insulating gaskets. It is suitable for all kinds of transformers, electrical appliances and electronic lines.
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Black vulcanized fiber sheet 

Vulcanized Fibreshe et With wood  pulp as its material Unique and modern paper-making technology and advanced equipments High dielectric strength and elasticity, strong oil resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Application: Suitable for motor rabbet insulation loudspeaker terminal and electric insulation.  It's superior performance qualify,it's wide usage in machinery,texile,electronics,railway,aerospace industries.


1. Thickness:0.15-12mm

2. Width:1000mm Color: Red and Black,gray ,green

3. UL and RoHS certificated.

4. High mechanical strength

5.Vulcanized Fibre sheet A class, 105

6. For motors, transformers, generators

7. providing services in slitting ,die cutting ,punching various materials into components as customers request


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