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G10 knife handle

G10 knife handle

G10 knife handle,CNC Machining ,can be tailored by CAD drawings.
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Grade epoxy fiberglass G-10 material is used for terminal boards, water sports equipment, surf fins, electrical appliance, knife handles, blade scales, pistol grips, sleeves, structural components, and parts where the strength to size ratio is critical. 


1.Dimension:Standard:36''×48'', 40''×40'', 40''×48'', 48''×80'', 48''×96''.Or customized.




1. Q: Are you factory?

A: Yes, We are factory.

2. Q: How about the delivery time?

A: Depends on order quantity.

3. Q: Can I get free sample for check?

A: Sample can be provided for free if we can burden the express charge.

4. Q: Can you give me a discount price?

A: More quantity, more discount you can get

Product Information

G10 material is a composite material made of glass cloth and epoxy resin. It was developed as an aircraft material when it was invented, it can withstand great strength. G-10 is not permeable with water and liquid, and it has the characteristics of insulation, anti-acid and alkali, and the weight is light. 

A continuous woven glass fabric laminated with an epoxy resin. This grade is extremely high in mechanical strength, has low water absorption and dissipation factors and has superior electrical characteristics, which are exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

Technical Datasheet:

PropertyUnitTypical Value
General PropertiesDensityg/cm31.85-1.95
Water Absorption%<0.25
Electrical PropertiesIR (24hrs Water Immersed)G Ω17000
IR (Dry)G Ω17000
Electric Strength (Flat Rapid)MV/m15
Breakdown Voltage (Edge Step by Step)kV≥35
Relative Permittivity @ 1 MHz-5.2
Dissipation Factor @ 1 MHz-0.025
Tracking IndexV210
Mechanical PropertiesFlexural StrengthMPa>350
Tensile StrengthMPa>320
Impact (Notched CHARPY)kJ/m2≥33
Thermal PropertiesThermal Rating Continuous°C120
Thermal Rating Intermittent°C130